A message on the true nature of being blessed according to scripture and how often the things that we see as physically detrimental or trying are actu...View Details

A message in our "Names of God" Series that looks into the attributes and character of God by magnifying (Examining or looking closely at) His Names a...View Details

Daily Bread

A reminder of what we should hunger to consume daily and that without it we began starving, growing weaker, and eventually die spiritly. So we ought t...View Details

Upper Room

A message on the power and purpose of the Upper Room as the place where the stage is set for miracles to happen.

 A timely and encoraging word on the resurrection power of our God and risen King to do anything above and beyond what we can ask or imagine!

Has Your Promise Died?

An encoraging message about the impossible power of our impossible King to do impossible things when we least expect it, and how He often waits until ...View Details

Do Your Part

A reminder that we all have a part to play in the body of Christ. There are no spectators in the Kingdom of God. Prayer, Praise, obedence, worship, be...View Details

Don’t Give Up!

Remember that if you don't quit, you win. We serve a God of resurrection so even when it seems like you're defeated, keep praising and believing and y...View Details

A reminder that God as promised to give us the desires of our heart when we delight ourselves in Him, so we ought to seek His wisdom for what is truly...View Details

Forsaken Mercy

A message on the consequences of the foolishness of forsaking the mercy that God gives us in His love and kindness, through resentence.

Nineveh Destroyed

The less preached story of Nineveh. The one decreed by the prophet Nahum. That after their reprieve granted by God in the story that we all love, they...View Details

The just will live by his faith. What he believes will drive his daily decisions and actions. He won't live by his pastors faith, his families faith, ...View Details

The Word

The power of God's word is unmatchable. Jesus is the word made flesh so when you present it in its fullness you present Jesus! What more could you nee...View Details

Straying By Hating

A reminder of how easily the enemy can lure us of the narrow path of righteousness by tempting us to walk after our emotions, rather then standing on ...View Details


A reminder to attain to greater things then materialism, shallow ambitions, or other peoples wishes. Set your sights on things eternal and press on to...View Details


God delights in mercy. Both in showing it and in those who show it. Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly as He commands and expects of us.


A reminder that unforgiveness is the biggest hinderance to your walk of righteousness the thing that closes the door to the Holy Spirit probably more ...View Details

What’s in the Heart

A message on the importance of waiting on the Lord as we ask Him to search our hearts and then waiting on Him again as He teaches, test, and perfects ...View Details

Bring Forward

A reminder of the importance and the eternal rewards of sacrificing in this life to bring others forward in the faith and in their purposes in the Kin...View Details

Full Reward

A message on seeking to receive the full reward indented for you on the final day and helping others to do the same. 

Render to Ceaser

An insightful look at the account of Jesus's statement to render to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and a reminder that God never ask us to give up what...View Details

A reminder to put your faith in God and in things eternal and not in the works and promises of men or the false security provided by mammon that can f...View Details

The Shaking

A reminder that scripture foretells of a time of great shaking when not only the foundations but even the very heavens will be left in question, all t...View Details

Spiritual Winters

A message on not despising the spiritual seasons of your life, not even the hard ones, because they all have their purposes in making us more fruitful...View Details

In Your Darkest Hour

A message on the light that is available to shine bright through you to those around you in your darkest hour. You're darkest hour truly has the poten...View Details

The First Temptation

A message on keeping the flesh in submission and recognizing one of the first, oldest, and most effective tactics of the enemy.

The Truth

A message on the nature of the truth of God's word and it's ability to set you free vrs the lies of the enemy and the hurt that it brings.

A message on the importance of receiving God's correction in the life of a Christian in order to be prepared for the purposes that He has for you in b...View Details

A message reminding us that God's word never returns void. It always hits it's mark. Even if you don't see when it does. Release the arrow in faith an...View Details

Gate Keepers

A message on the nature of our great commission, where exactly it is that God sends us, and the purpose in it!

Counter Character

The Last message in a series on the Seven Spirit's of God the looks into the antichrist character that counters Christ's Holy character that we might ...View Details

The Spirit of the Lord

The eighth message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of the Lord and how bring it into your life, church...View Details

The Spirit of Wisdom

The seventh message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of Wisdom and how bring it into your life, church,...View Details

The sixth message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of Understanding and how bring it into your life, ch...View Details

The Spirit of Council

The fith message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of Council and how bring it into your life, church, f...View Details

The Spirit of Might

The forth message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of Might and how bring it into your life, church, fa...View Details

The Spirit of Knowledge

The third message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of Knowledge and how bring it into your life, church...View Details

The second message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God that looks more indepth into the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and how bring it into your ...View Details

Seven Spirits

The first message in a series on the Seven Spirits of God, what they are, and what happens to a person or church (according to scripture) that lacks t...View Details

Run on the Wall

A call to intercede for those who lead, to stand united in the fight in your rightful place, that there be no opportunity or open space for the enemy ...View Details

Alters of Sin

A message on the the nature of the alters that we build in our lives and what it summons

Who Do You Resist

 A message on the reality that you will either resist the devil and submit to the Holy Spirit, or you sill resist the Holy Spirit and submit to the de...View Details

A message on the power of the truth to deliver the lost and straying back into rightsanding with the Father!  

A False Justification

A message on the one of the main reasons for false conversions today and a tactic that the enemy will readily uses against the unsuspecting if you let...View Details

In The Waiting

A reminder that all the greats of scripture were required to "wait on God", the three main things that can only be achieved in the waiting, and why yo...View Details

God as King

(HOWC Archive Message 07/2018) This is a powerful heart-wrenching hard-hitting message that exposes the all to common reality that everyone wants God ...View Details

From Such Turn Away

A message on the dangers of being in agreement with counterfeits, false prophets, and those who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof to...View Details

The War

A message about the reality of the spiritual war that man is entangled in from genesis to revelations, and how neglecting your place in it can cause t...View Details


A message on faith, your profession, your destination, and the overcoming power of our God, King, and savior who has never failed us and never will! 

An important message for anyone in the faith. This is one of the most prevalent and effective tactics of the enemy today that stills, kills, and destr...View Details

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