Good News

Do you know why the gosple of Jesus is called the good news? Do you know what Jesus really did for you? Then tell someone. This is how we overcome!

Get Ready

A Call from the Lord to get into position to answer the call to evangelism when the Lord sounds the trumpet, because it's coming! When it sounds, be r...View Details


God honors the prayers of those who are burdened by the reproach that acts of sin and selfishness among professing Christians brings upon the Name of ...View Details

Jesus preached a pure gosple, unhindered by men's opinions. He made no excuses but simply told the truth and let those who heard it choose to receive ...View Details


Some of life storms are from the enemy meant to resist you and some are from God meant to assist you. Therefor, storms we are called quiet and some st...View Details


Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. The more the opposition increases the more power God release to meet and counter it. His grace is surfa...View Details


Who you give glory to is who will show up for you. Give glory to the King who cannot be defeated and He will show up with victory!

Of His Spirit

God tells us to test the spirits rather they be of God or not, because that many spirits are gone out into the world. There is a lot of error and only...View Details

An amazing reminder of the depths of God's love for us and how much revelation is encapsulated in communion

The Power of Praise

A reminder that in every trial, battle, and victory there is a reason to keep praising! 

A Humbled Remnant

A word of warding from the biblical prophets on what comes to the church when it moves in pride. God will purify His bride. Revival will come, but onl...View Details

The Humbling

A message on the humbling that lay in store for many, but also a reminder that as any good parent toward rebellious, selfish, prideful, or undisciplin...View Details

Pride Before Distruction

A timely message and warning to the Nation by Pastor Daniel Wright

Let Me Tell You Something

A message by Pastor Daniel Wright on the importance and power of telling others what God has done!

Led Away

The enemy comes in substiles and then in suddenlies. Leading away spiritually very slowly, then rushing in to lead away into bondage and captivity phy...View Details

It’s Time to Go

To everything there is a season. Some for waiting, some for growing, some for strengthen, and some for going. 

Drawing the Line

When God draws the line in the stand and tells you to make a decision on where you stand. With the world or with Him. Because a judgment is coming and...View Details

A reminder of the fact that biblical faith didn't usually take place among the masses. It usually took place in spite of the rejection, oppression, an...View Details

A Sharp Word

Paul's warning to the churches got sharper and sharper as they continued to ignore the mercy of the words that God had been speaking in earlier season...View Details

A Day of Small Things

A look through the pages of history at the way God magnified the things of small beginnings to prove that He was the one doing it for those who kept b...View Details

Praise Wins the War

A message on the biblical principle of the power of praise to turn the tide of the wars that we wage!

A look at the places that heaven and earth merged through the ages

Part of our "Names of God" Series. We look at the origins and themes behind the Name Jehovah Elohim and what it tells us about who God is. 

The Two Witnesses

An insightful look into the Two Witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation

The Teacher

A reminder that while tutors are good, they can't take the place of the teacher. Jesus tells us that He gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us, if we wil...View Details

Back to the Father

An insightful message for those in ministry that looks that the parable of the prodigal son from the prospective of the Pharisees. 

Preach the Resurection

A reminder of how important it is to be reminded and to reminder others that Jesus is coming and what will happen when He does.

Humble Servant

The greatest in the Kingdom, according to scripture, are those who take the lowest seat and serve humbly. God Himself will exalt them in their proper ...View Details

Uzziah’s Transgression

Lessons learned from the mistakes of King Uzziah who did many wonderful things for God's Kingdom but in the end fell to pride and was separated from t...View Details

The Beauty of Suffering

A reminder that even though God does not delight in suffering, He will take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good. Putting the enemy to a...View Details


A message on the true nature of being blessed according to scripture and how often the things that we see as physically detrimental or trying are actu...View Details

A message in our "Names of God" Series that looks into the attributes and character of God by magnifying (Examining or looking closely at) His Names a...View Details

Daily Bread

A reminder of what we should hunger to consume daily and that without it we began starving, growing weaker, and eventually die spiritly. So we ought t...View Details

Upper Room

A message on the power and purpose of the Upper Room as the place where the stage is set for miracles to happen.

 A timely and encoraging word on the resurrection power of our God and risen King to do anything above and beyond what we can ask or imagine!

Has Your Promise Died?

An encoraging message about the impossible power of our impossible King to do impossible things when we least expect it, and how He often waits until ...View Details

Do Your Part

A reminder that we all have a part to play in the body of Christ. There are no spectators in the Kingdom of God. Prayer, Praise, obedence, worship, be...View Details

Don’t Give Up!

Remember that if you don't quit, you win. We serve a God of resurrection so even when it seems like you're defeated, keep praising and believing and y...View Details

A reminder that God as promised to give us the desires of our heart when we delight ourselves in Him, so we ought to seek His wisdom for what is truly...View Details

Forsaken Mercy

A message on the consequences of the foolishness of forsaking the mercy that God gives us in His love and kindness, through resentence.

Nineveh Destroyed

The less preached story of Nineveh. The one decreed by the prophet Nahum. That after their reprieve granted by God in the story that we all love, they...View Details

The just will live by his faith. What he believes will drive his daily decisions and actions. He won't live by his pastors faith, his families faith, ...View Details

The Word

The power of God's word is unmatchable. Jesus is the word made flesh so when you present it in its fullness you present Jesus! What more could you nee...View Details

Straying By Hating

A reminder of how easily the enemy can lure us of the narrow path of righteousness by tempting us to walk after our emotions, rather then standing on ...View Details


A reminder to attain to greater things then materialism, shallow ambitions, or other peoples wishes. Set your sights on things eternal and press on to...View Details


God delights in mercy. Both in showing it and in those who show it. Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly as He commands and expects of us.


A reminder that unforgiveness is the biggest hinderance to your walk of righteousness the thing that closes the door to the Holy Spirit probably more ...View Details

What’s in the Heart

A message on the importance of waiting on the Lord as we ask Him to search our hearts and then waiting on Him again as He teaches, test, and perfects ...View Details

Bring Forward

A reminder of the importance and the eternal rewards of sacrificing in this life to bring others forward in the faith and in their purposes in the Kin...View Details

Full Reward

A message on seeking to receive the full reward indented for you on the final day and helping others to do the same. 

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