The Mark of Commitment

A powerful teaching that unveils an ancient biblical theme that tells us a lot about the coming "Mark of the Beast" 

God’s House

An encoraging message about the depth of the work that God puts in to building His house so that the gates of hell will not prevail against it

David’s Broken Heart

A message paralleling David's life with that of Christ for a look into the heart of one willing to die for his foes, and a warning to the church of tr...View Details

Looking into scripture to identify a common belief that kills the faith of many Christians today and creates unbelieving believers void of overcoming ...View Details

Set Apart

A message on following God's unconventional wisdom into things far grander then what can be achieved using the tools of Egypt


A message about gaining endurance through the assurance of the promises of God, the resurection, the second coming, and the life to come


A message about living selflessly to leave a legacy of humility, holiness, and truth demonstrated for the generations that follow after you

Jesus’ Church

A message on what Jesus said His church would be, how it would be different from anything that came before it, and how it will endure through everythi...View Details

A message that looks at the words of Jesus concerning the prophecies, placement, purpose of tribulation

A message on both God's obligation to bring just judgements, yet His desire is always mercy. So no matter how far we've fallen as a person, people, or...View Details


A message on the difference between the Antichrist to come and the spirit of antichrist at work now, as well as their purposes and identifying charact...View Details

The Rewards of Suffering

An encouraging message on the great reward laid up for those who suffer in the service of the Lord, as well as the great growth it causes to spring fo...View Details


Years of wisdom is poured out in this powerful teaching by Pastor Glen Mayeux on what the bible says about the rapture of the saints. 

The Three Harvest

A message on the three main harvest in Israel and the prophetic picture they paint for the order of events from the crucifixion of Jesus to the end of...View Details

A message about the purifying power of fiery trials and the good character that it produces in us by bring impurities to the surface that we did not k...View Details

Prayer for the World

Join us as we pray for the world in this time of desperation. Crying out in repentance of sins both personal and national and lifting up petitions for...View Details

We Have a Shepherd!

A powerful message in a time of crisis, to know that we have a shepherd who has promised to lead, mend, protect, and feed His sheep. To never leave th...View Details


A message of repentance in the face of judgment that the bible clearly says is coming upon the children of disobedience. Yet did God, in His mercy, pa...View Details

Shine Your Light

A message on how Christians should respond to the current Corona Virus or any other crisis, trial, or tribulation. Don't let fear, selfishness, or fai...View Details

The Philistine Spirit

A Message by Marandia Wright about the character (or spirit) that plagues our current culture and sets the stage for the rise of the antichrist, as we...View Details

Message about the importance of laboring in the unseen seasons to set the stage for future harvest. As well as a reminder to walk in the humility of t...View Details

Encouraging Faith-building Open Floor Bible Study by Marandia Wright on biblical instruction for walking in the peace of God in any situation


A message that explains why God says that rebellion is the same as witchcraft and the consciences of embracing it.

A Blameless Confession

A message on confession, repentance, forgiveness, and deliverence! There is victory in Jesus but only for those who are willing to lay down their offe...View Details

Overcoming Temptation

Bible Study, teaching, and discussion on biblical ways to deal with and overcome temptations 

Drive Them Out

Lessons from history as we see an example of when God made available everything needed to drive out the enemy, yet it was allowed to stay in the lives...View Details

A message of faithfulness, obedience, and commitment to Jesus from a place of love and thankfulness for all that He is, has done, and will do for us! 

A message on the difference in the characteristics of Annas and Caiaphas vs. John and Jesus; the anti Christ false prophet counterfeits preaching comp...View Details

Favor Like a Coat

Message about the blessings that are granted by the resting of God's favor on your life, but also the opposition. Yet does all of it work together for...View Details


A look at the traditions, history, and Christian types and shadows found in the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.  

The Rod of Authority

A devotional message about the Rod of God's Authority, it's purpose and it's passing to us, as well as the peace that it brings us when we understand ...View Details

I Shall Not Want

A needed reminder from Pastor Daniel Wright that those who have Christ have everything they need and should not want for any other thing. As well as r...View Details

Study on James 1

Years of wisdom and experience is poured out in this expository teaching by Pastor Glen Mayeux on the invaluable contents of James chapter 1 for the l...View Details


A message on the historical, prophetic, and symbolic meanings and purposes of Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles/Tents) from Leviticus to the Last Days ...View Details

Rosh Hashana

An in-depth teaching on the symbolism of the Jewish New Year and a releasing of a prophetic word over the coming spiritual season that is now beginnin...View Details

The Many and the Few

An insightful and provoking message that identifies the difference between the many that are called and the few among them that are chosen

Come and Follow

A convicting and retaliatory message by Pastor Daniel Wright about the necessity to seek and follow after Christ to the smallest of detail less we be ...View Details

Resurection Power

A profound message about the unfathomable power of our God and the depths of mercy that He will go to in order to prove who He truly is to the pridefu...View Details

Family of God

A powerful reminder by Marandia Wright of the Character of God that is meant to be reflected in the pulpits and why it is so important to the faith an...View Details

Are You Desperate Enough

An inspiring message by Wayne Aucoin on the God pleasing faith that is often demonstrated by those in desperate situations, emphasizing the need to la...View Details

A message from Pastor Daniel Wright about the power of desperation to push our prayers and dedication to the Lord to greater heights then of those who...View Details

The Big Question

A timely message by Pastor Glen Mayeux where he urges us to dare to ask ourselves the tough questions needed for self examination, repentance, and sub...View Details


A reminder of the overcoming yoke breaking power of the anointed church that Jesus Christ left us, why much of the modern church has lost it's power, ...View Details

I Am!

A reminder that real faith is a present tense belief in a present tense God to effect the present world. He was, and is, and is to come. If we believe...View Details

No Turning Back

A revitalizing exhortation by Pastor Daniel Wright for those who have grown in grace and gained ground in faith not to loose heart and go back to what...View Details

No Other Lover

A stirring message by Pastor Daniel Wright about the churches unfaithfulness to God and the revelation of the depths of His broken heart over it that ...View Details

The Anointing

Sermon by Pastor Daniel Wright on the Anointing, our place in it, and it’s place in us; from positioning to outpouring

Last Days

A perspective shifting message on the Last Days that opens our eyes to the scope of it, our placement and purpose in it, the tactics of the antichrist...View Details

Looking for One

A provoking message by Marandia Wright on the ability of one faithful man or woman of God to be used to inspire a generation to believe God for His mi...View Details

Perilous Times Shall Come

Pastor Glen delivers a warning from scripture and a reminder to the believer that perilous times are coming upon the earth as many fall away and the d...View Details

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