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Run on the Wall

A call to intercede for those who lead, to stand united in the fight in your rightful place, that there be no opportunity or open space for the enemy ...View Details

Alters of Sin

A message on the the nature of the alters that we build in our lives and what it summons

Who Do You Resist

 A message on the reality that you will either resist the devil and submit to the Holy Spirit, or you sill resist the Holy Spirit and submit to the de...View Details

A message on the power of the truth to deliver the lost and straying back into rightsanding with the Father!  

A False Justification

A message on the one of the main reasons for false conversions today and a tactic that the enemy will readily uses against the unsuspecting if you let...View Details

In The Waiting

A reminder that all the greats of scripture were required to "wait on God", the three main things that can only be achieved in the waiting, and why yo...View Details

God as King

(HOWC Archive Message 07/2018) This is a powerful heart-wrenching hard-hitting message that exposes the all to common reality that everyone wants God ...View Details

From Such Turn Away

A message on the dangers of being in agreement with counterfeits, false prophets, and those who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof to...View Details

The War

A message about the reality of the spiritual war that man is entangled in from genesis to revelations, and how neglecting your place in it can cause t...View Details


A message on faith, your profession, your destination, and the overcoming power of our God, King, and savior who has never failed us and never will! 

An important message for anyone in the faith. This is one of the most prevalent and effective tactics of the enemy today that stills, kills, and destr...View Details


A message on the nature of Jesus's commandment to "abide" and how the theme of this commandment is tied throughout the New Testament 

A message on the wisdom of trusting God's plan even when it doesn't make since. Have faith that He sees the end from the beginning and keep following ...View Details

Wine Cups

A message on the first and last miraculous acts of Jesus's earthly ministry and what it means to those who believe.

If I Preach Not

A message on the biblical mandate to preach the gosple of Jesus regardless of the trials, tribulation, lack of earthly acceptance, glory, or financial...View Details

A sobering message on the reality of the day of the Lord's return. It will be glorious for some, but terrible for the prideful ones. Make sure that yo...View Details

A reminder of what scripture tells us is our comfort, hope, help, strength, and blessed assurance. Look to the heavens where our help comes from and k...View Details

A message on what the bibles tells us about hasting the day of the Lord's return. We do have a role to play in it. Are you fulfilling your commission?

The King is in the Field

A beautiful reminder of the closeness of our King, the humility and personal responsibility that He takes in each of us, and His intent to see the har...View Details

God’s With Us

A message on the God who is gracious enough to come and be with us where ever He sends us (be it palaces or furnaces) and manifest through us to bette...View Details

A reminder of the protection that resides for those who abide in the shadow of the Almighty 

The High Priest

A message on some of the messianic prophecies laid out in the functions of Arron as high priest and how they are fulfilled in Christ and evening conti...View Details

Bring Me the Ephod

A message on the power, importance, and necessity of seeking the Lord yourself in dire times, as opposed to relying on the words and instructions of o...View Details

A message about the dangers of false prophets in the face of  judgement, who prophesy out of their emotions and not from the throne room and strip the...View Details

A message on patience in difficult situations and the rewards that God has stored up for those who endure. 


A call to the sincere humble prayer of faith and repentance that scripture tells us is the proper response to a nation facing judgement for it's sin, ...View Details

A Call to Fast

A reminder of the humility and faith and biblical necessity of fasting to breakthrough those impossible situations! 

Knowing Your Season

(HOWC Message Archive 10/2018) Insightful lesson on learning to discern the spiritual times and seasons (which the Pharisee failed to do). There is a ...View Details

(HOWC Message Archive 9/2016) Part 2 of the Cave Series teaching on Elijah’s cave of hiding and how the lessons learned from it apply to the Remnant C...View Details

The Cave

HOWC Archive Message : 8/2016 An insightful teaching on David's cave of hiding and how the lessons learned from it apply to all that are called of God...View Details

The Wilderness of Sin

A message on how quickly we step out of victory into something uneasy and start murmuring and complaining and getting our eyes on the situation instea...View Details


A reminder of the kindness of God that lead us to repentance and how important it is to strive to reflect that to others. Even our persecutors, that t...View Details

Redeemed in Judgment

A message about the cycle of sin and redemption through judgment that Israel often found itself in. In being allowed to walk out the consciences of th...View Details

It’s Time

A revelatory prophetic word about where we are in history as a nation, in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and as the body of Christ. 

The Kingdom Divided

A message on the divided nature that sin brought to our fallen word, the divided nature that sin brings to our hearts as individuals, and the dividing...View Details

The Forth Kingdom

A message on the fourth kingdom prophesied to rule the world by Daniel, out of which the Antichrist's kingdom will arise and overrun the world for a s...View Details

A reminder that what we say matters. What we cause others to put their faith in because of our words is a serious matter in the eyes of God. It's time...View Details

Rise of the Daniels

A message on the fall of Israel's false prophets through the hardships that they prophesied against, and the rise of the Daniels that flourished in th...View Details

The Heart of Intercession

A message on the sacrificial heart of a true intercessor as demonstrated to us by the greatest of  all Intercessors for our learning, salvation, and e...View Details


A rarely taught message in pulpits today on the final wrath of God upon the earth at the end of this age. When it will happen, why it will happen, wha...View Details

A look at God's perfect example from the Old Testament to better understand what is coming at the end of the New one! God Himself states several times...View Details

A Famine in the Land

A reminder that there is a starvation that has begun and will increase as we draw closer to Christ's Return. A starvation for the true words and teach...View Details

Praise Him in the Fires

A message about the response of faith in the face of trial and affliction from Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego to the Day of Judgement. If Jesus is wi...View Details

Rome Revived

Pre-2020-election Prophetic word that was released about the events that are taking place around us as we stand on the brink of the Resurection of the...View Details

Mark of the Beast

Message / Bible Study answering the questions that many had been asking about the Mark of the Beast, what it is, what the Bible says about it, how clo...View Details

A reminder that nothing is too hard for God. For man it may be impossible, but for God nothing is impossible! But we must humble ourselves and ask of ...View Details

False Prophet

A message on the spirit of the one that prepares the way for the antichrist. The architect of the falling away. The great deceiver of men. The false p...View Details

Three Nails

A message on the three areas of sin and temptation that Jesus overcame for us!

Stand for God

A message on the necessity to stand for God no matter what it cost 

Paul tells us to pray for those who are in authority over us (good or bad), that they might be saved and make Godly decisions. There is no denying tha...View Details

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