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Redeemed in Judgment

A message about the cycle of sin and redemption through judgment that Israel often found itself in. In being allowed to walk out the consciences of th...View Details

It’s Time

A revelatory prophetic word about where we are in history as a nation, in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and as the body of Christ. 

The Kingdom Divided

A message on the divided nature that sin brought to our fallen word, the divided nature that sin brings to our hearts as individuals, and the dividing...View Details

The Forth Kingdom

A message on the fourth kingdom prophesied to rule the world by Daniel, out of which the Antichrist's kingdom will arise and overrun the world for a s...View Details

A reminder that what we say matters. What we cause others to put their faith in because of our words is a serious matter in the eyes of God. It's time...View Details

Rise of the Daniels

A message on the fall of Israel's false prophets through the hardships that they prophesied against, and the rise of the Daniels that flourished in th...View Details

The Heart of Intercession

A message on the sacrificial heart of a true intercessor as demonstrated to us by the greatest of  all Intercessors for our learning, salvation, and e...View Details


A rarely taught message in pulpits today on the final wrath of God upon the earth at the end of this age. When it will happen, why it will happen, wha...View Details

A look at God's perfect example from the Old Testament to better understand what is coming at the end of the New one! God Himself states several times...View Details

A Famine in the Land

A reminder that there is a starvation that has begun and will increase as we draw closer to Christ's Return. A starvation for the true words and teach...View Details

Praise Him in the Fires

A message about the response of faith in the face of trial and affliction from Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego to the Day of Judgement. If Jesus is wi...View Details

Rome Revived

Pre-2020-election Prophetic word that was released about the events that are taking place around us as we stand on the brink of the Resurection of the...View Details

Mark of the Beast

Message / Bible Study answering the questions that many had been asking about the Mark of the Beast, what it is, what the Bible says about it, how clo...View Details

A reminder that nothing is too hard for God. For man it may be impossible, but for God nothing is impossible! But we must humble ourselves and ask of ...View Details

False Prophet

A message on the spirit of the one that prepares the way for the antichrist. The architect of the falling away. The great deceiver of men. The false p...View Details

Three Nails

A message on the three areas of sin and temptation that Jesus overcame for us!

Stand for God

A message on the necessity to stand for God no matter what it cost 

Paul tells us to pray for those who are in authority over us (good or bad), that they might be saved and make Godly decisions. There is no denying tha...View Details

The Cup is Tipping

A warning of what's coming and the need to be spiritually prepared for it. God does nothing unless He reveals it to His servants first, that they migh...View Details

One Family

A Message on humility, unity, and family within the body of Christ. 

The New Covenant

A look at the New Covenant, what it is and what is does, that we might better understand what Jesus did for us and what if affords us both now and in ...View Details

Mosaic Covenant Fulfilled

A glimpse at how Jesus fulfills the Mosaic Covenant, answers the petitions of the Jewish people, and makes a way for all who follow Him to inter into ...View Details

A look at how Christ fill filled the Abrahamic Covenant and continues to do so until His return as well as our part in it now as Christians!  

A look into scripture at how Jesus fulfilled the Noahic Covenant cover us who are in Covenant with Him, but also how those who are not have no protect...View Details

A look forward bridging the old testament to the new to see how Christ fulfilled the Adamic Covenant and still continues too!

Mosaic Covenant

A look into scripture at the Covenant that God made with the nation of Israel of which Moses, the commissions given, how they effect the natural born ...View Details

Abrahamic Covenant

A look at the Covenant that God made with Abraham and it's effects on his descendants (the nation if Israel), Jesus, the church, and the world!

Noahic Covenant

An eye opening look at the Covenant that God made with Noah and thus with all mankind after him. The promises, commandments, and conditions; and how t...View Details

Adamic Covenant

A look at the Adamic covenant. A generational covenant (Agreement) made between God and Adam and Eve, and thus subsequently with all mankind after the...View Details


The first in a series on the Covenants of God. Understanding Covenant is critical to a firm foundation of faith. In this introduction to the biblical ...View Details

Why Crowns

The Final message in our series on Eternal Rewards. In closing we will explore why it is so important to contend for these rewards, why these crowns a...View Details

Crown of Rejoicing

A look at one of the most trying eternal rewards that Paul said we should be contenting for, that of the "Crown of Rejoicing"! What it is, how scriptu...View Details

Crown of Life

A look at one of the most coveted eternal rewards that Paul said we should be contenting for, that of the "Crown of Life"! What it is, how scripture s...View Details

Crown of Glory

A look at one of the more rare eternal rewards that Paul said we should be contenting for, that of the "Crown of Glory"! What it is, how scripture say...View Details

Crown of Righteousness

A look at the eternal reward that Paul said we should be contenting for, of the "Crown of Righteousness"! What it is, how scripture says to obtain it,...View Details

Eternal Rewards

The first message in a series on our eternal rewards, what they are, how to obtain them, and why we need them

The Elect

A message on what and who the "Elect" of God are and their purpose in the earth.

The Brass Serpent

An encoraging and empowering message about the purpose in Moses's brass serpent, Jesus's crucifixion, and the true nature of God that it was all meant...View Details

Born Again

An inciteful message on the process of being born again in the Spirit and growing in grace into your purpose in God's Kingdom

Forsaking Mercy

A message about Jeramiah's prophetic warning of the good and bad figs and their usefulness in a time of national judgement. 

Undying Love

An encoraging message about God undying love for us and the lengths that he has gone through from creation to the cross to revelations to prove it to ...View Details

For The Love Of Truth

A message about loving the truth because that you love the one who is the truth, speaks the truth, and demonstrated that truth with His very life that...View Details

I Will Fear No Evil

A reminder that the righteous are never forsaken, they have a shepherd, a protector, a defender, a provider, and a friend in Jesus who works all thing...View Details


HOWC Archive Message from November 2016: A Prophetic warning and Bible Study teaching on how to prepare for what God says is coming upon the world

A Faith that Blesses

A message on the faith of the centurion that Jesus said was unmatched in all of Israel. What was it about this man's faith that caused God in the fles...View Details

Death’s Defeat

A timely reminder of what really effects the affairs of man and how to be free from the fear and bondage of it through Christ Jesus

The Foot

A message on the less seen members of the body of Christ that are the real movers of the Kingdom. The lowly, the humble, the rough around the edges, t...View Details

Revival in the Waiting

A message about simple obedence to the gosple call in the most lowly, loathed, and unlikely places that might just be your revival in the waiting

A message on the only power that has every had any lasting effect, from creation until now, to change the world around those who walk in it. 

The New Man

A message on the work of love that God did to give us the opportunity to be brought into unity with Him and each other as one family so that there is ...View Details

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