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A look at Jesus's Parable of the Ten Talents and what it means to us in our daily walk of faith 

The Lord is My Strength

A touch from the Lord will strength the weary heart. So stop and sit at the feet of Jesus and wait to be strengthened, that you not grow weary in well...View Details

Sudden Judgement

God is so patient and long suffering, not willing that any should perish but rather that they come to repentance. Yet can things change suddenly and u...View Details

Touch Not Mine Anointed

A warning to hell and an encouragement to the remnant that God has decreed "touch not Mine Anointed!"

The devil is never happy when you are on the right track and he will attack and try to get you to fall back. But you can stand in confidence and smile...View Details

With God

The bible tells us that "with God' all things are possible, but what does it really mean to be "with God?"


It is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance and the good fruit of the character of God shining through His children that is able to bring th...View Details

There Is No Breath

The insanity of putting your faith into something that has no breath, no Ruoch, no world shaking, chain breaking, life changing, resurrection power re...View Details

Except the Lord build the house, they that labor, labor in vain. If God isn't defending the city, then they that fight for it, fight in vain. Where is...View Details

Do This

Clear simple instructions, straight from scripture, on how to abide daily in the Lord 


A message on how to be more effective in ministry according to scripture


A reminder that God is exalted in our weakness and His majesty is made more evident in contrast to our lack. Therefore, in everything and at every opp...View Details

The Outpouring at Hand

A word about the nature of the soon coming outpouring. It's more than we've been praying for!

An Abundance of Rain

Understanding the former and the later rain, their purpose and their season, and having the faith to know that it's coming before you can see any sign...View Details


A right now word of reckoning, shifting, and sudden repositioning by divine intervention. When the Holy Spirit starts stirring, everything gets turned...View Details

Trouble Makers

A look at the trouble that followed Paul, the disciples, the prophets, and even Jesus for preaching the truth that men might be set free from the lies...View Details


A message on the commands of Jesus concerning setting a price on the gosple, and a reminder that we will all be paid a wage one day by God, whether we...View Details

First Love

A call to remember your first love and and thus fulfill the first and greatest commandment of which if you skip, your cannot fulfill all the rest but ...View Details

Get Rid of Plan B

God will not put His hands to our plans.  He called us to abandon them and come and follow Him.

Get into Position

A prophetic word. The Holy Spirit is calling the Remnant to get into position for an other (far larger) outpouring of both grace and judgment. Where s...View Details


The bible calls us to Unity with the Holy Spirit, but the devil always takes advantage of the unlearned and uses their lack of understanding against t...View Details


It's time to step back and refocus on what God first told you. The gosple isn't complicated. If you trust it enough to rid yourself of all the other s...View Details


A deeper look into the nature of Spirit in scripture, that we might better understand God who is Spirit and better discern the influence that the spir...View Details


The Holy Spirit was given to make us a witness. The greatest witness we have for Jesus is to demonstrate His teachings so that the world can see them....View Details

Fight for Them

A reminder to never stop fighting for the fallen, lost, deceived, and straying. Even when God calls you to shake the dust off and walk away, continue ...View Details

Vessels of Honor

A look at what the scripture tells us is required for God to inter into our services with power and might and how we ought to seek to be purified and ...View Details


Are you standing with God, or against Him? The devil is cunning and knows how to work men's emotions against him to get him out of alignment and into ...View Details

The Warning

A warning about choosing God's side in a fight and not expecting Him to choose yours. His wisdom and understanding is far more reaching than yours is ...View Details

God doesn't speak for no reason. When He speaks, take what He is saying seriously, and listen immediately.


A message on the types of resurrections that we see manifested in scripture. 

Cry Like Peter

A look at how to address God when you are in need of a savior  

Seek Him Early

The importance of seeking God early to hear from Him clearly before the time of crisis strikes so that you can stand on His Words and Promises and not...View Details

The Reckoning

A word of warning and instruction for a season of uncertainty that God will certainly reward according to our works. So get into rightstanding  and se...View Details

Come Out!

A call to get off the fence and take God's side while you still can. 

Preparing For Crisis

Why to some shrink and some shine in a moment of crisis? It's in the faith based patience  that maintains them in the time of preparation, where they ...View Details

A look at biblical worship and what exactly it was that Cain did wrong that we might examine our own hearts.

A Spotless Bride

Are you ready for the Lord's return? Is the church ready to greet her bridegroom? What if His mercy allows trials to come that will help to force sepa...View Details


A call to the most powerful ministry on earth. The one that petitions Heaven to step in and do what no man can. A call to Intercession. 

He Wants a Relationship

We are the bride of Christ. We are in a marriage covenant with Him. That brings us many benefits and does afford us some responsibilities in the partn...View Details

Concealing and Revealing

A reminder of how God has worked through the ages to confuse, overcome, and shame the enemy through seasons of concealing and revealing. So seek Him a...View Details

The Mystery

Paul speaks of a mystery that was woven through out scripture from the begging. One that would unit all humanity, bringing them into one family under ...View Details

Good News

Do you know why the gosple of Jesus is called the good news? Do you know what Jesus really did for you? Then tell someone. This is how we overcome!

Get Ready

A Call from the Lord to get into position to answer the call to evangelism when the Lord sounds the trumpet, because it's coming! When it sounds, be r...View Details


God honors the prayers of those who are burdened by the reproach that acts of sin and selfishness among professing Christians brings upon the Name of ...View Details

Jesus preached a pure gosple, unhindered by men's opinions. He made no excuses but simply told the truth and let those who heard it choose to receive ...View Details


Some of life storms are from the enemy meant to resist you and some are from God meant to assist you. Therefor, storms we are called quiet and some st...View Details


Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. The more the opposition increases the more power God release to meet and counter it. His grace is surfa...View Details


Who you give glory to is who will show up for you. Give glory to the King who cannot be defeated and He will show up with victory!

Of His Spirit

God tells us to test the spirits rather they be of God or not, because that many spirits are gone out into the world. There is a lot of error and only...View Details

An amazing reminder of the depths of God's love for us and how much revelation is encapsulated in communion

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