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Years of wisdom is poured out in this powerful teaching by Pastor Glen Mayeux on what the bible says about the rapture of the saints. 

Study on James 1

Years of wisdom and experience is poured out in this expository teaching by Pastor Glen Mayeux on the invaluable contents of James chapter 1 for the l...View Details

The Big Question

A timely message by Pastor Glen Mayeux where he urges us to dare to ask ourselves the tough questions needed for self examination, repentance, and sub...View Details

Perilous Times Shall Come

Pastor Glen delivers a warning from scripture and a reminder to the believer that perilous times are coming upon the earth as many fall away and the d...View Details

You Must Be Born Again

Pastor Glen Mayeux delivers a classically timeless message on Jesus's answer to Nicodemus's age old question, "what must I do to be saved". This beaut...View Details

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