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Healing is Here

Where Jesus is, Healing is, because He is more than just the healer, He is healing.

Pride Before Distruction

A timely message and warning to the Nation by Pastor Daniel Wright

Let Me Tell You Something

A message by Pastor Daniel Wright on the importance and power of telling others what God has done!

HOWC Message Archive: June 2015    Powerful Sermon and Prophetic warning to the Church of America by Pastor Daniel  Wright given at The Resting Place ...View Details

Lord Bring Us Back

Powerful and timely message of humble repentance for the American church and re-alignment with biblically Christianity and the power of the early chur...View Details

I Shall Not Want

A needed reminder from Pastor Daniel Wright that those who have Christ have everything they need and should not want for any other thing. As well as r...View Details

Come and Follow

A convicting and retaliatory message by Pastor Daniel Wright about the necessity to seek and follow after Christ to the smallest of detail less we be ...View Details

A message from Pastor Daniel Wright about the power of desperation to push our prayers and dedication to the Lord to greater heights then of those who...View Details

No Turning Back

A revitalizing exhortation by Pastor Daniel Wright for those who have grown in grace and gained ground in faith not to loose heart and go back to what...View Details

No Other Lover

A stirring message by Pastor Daniel Wright about the churches unfaithfulness to God and the revelation of the depths of His broken heart over it that ...View Details

The Anointing

Sermon by Pastor Daniel Wright on the Anointing, our place in it, and it’s place in us; from positioning to outpouring

Den of Destiny

Encouraging and eye opening message by Pastor Daniel Wright on the scope of opposition, temptation, and testing that Daniel faced. Yet in all of it Go...View Details

A Witness to the Word

An encouraging message from Pastor Daniel Wright reminding all that once you have witnessed the Word, you must then become a witness of the Word, for ...View Details

Who Is There Among You?

Pastor Daniel Wright delivered a stirring call to action for those among the church to rise up, take God's side, do His work, preach truth, be revival...View Details

Day 120 Shout!

On Day 120 of our 120 Day Upper Room Prayer Campaign we lift up a shout of victory as God sends forth a word of assurance that He hath given us the ci...View Details

Day 100 Crossroads

On Day 100 of our 120 Day Upper Room Prayer Campaign we pray for the churches of the nation to awaken to the realization that we are standing at a cro...View Details

Day 91 Victory

On Day 91 of our 120 Day Upper Room Prayer Campaign we stir up faith for the fight by setting our eyes on the assurance of the victory through the pow...View Details

Day 81 Judas

On Day 81 of our 120 Day Upper Room Prayer Campaign we expose, renounce, and rebuke the Judas spirit within the church and check our own hearts in the...View Details

Pastor Daniel Wright delivers a powerful message about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's stand for Holiness in the face of a heathenistic and Pagan wo...View Details

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