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The Root of the Problem

HOWC Archive Message 11/2017   This is one of those "the answer to everything" lessons packed with revelation, insight, history, prophecy, and breakth...View Details

Nothing New

A look at the spirits, the sins they influence, and the consequences of succumbing to it through history and in prophecy. That in seeing what has happ...View Details

Trumpets and Vials

A very insightful Bible Study by Senor Pastor Glen Mayeux that lays out the events of Revelations from the trumpets, to the vials/bowls, to the woes i...View Details


A prophetic warning and word from the Lord concerning where we are in prophecy, what is coming (in the near future and over all), and how to not be ca...View Details


The bible calls us to Unity with the Holy Spirit, but the devil always takes advantage of the unlearned and uses their lack of understanding against t...View Details


Are you standing with God, or against Him? The devil is cunning and knows how to work men's emotions against him to get him out of alignment and into ...View Details

A Spotless Bride

Are you ready for the Lord's return? Is the church ready to greet her bridegroom? What if His mercy allows trials to come that will help to force sepa...View Details

The Mystery

Paul speaks of a mystery that was woven through out scripture from the begging. One that would unit all humanity, bringing them into one family under ...View Details

The Two Witnesses

An insightful look into the Two Witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation

Preach the Resurection

A reminder of how important it is to be reminded and to reminder others that Jesus is coming and what will happen when He does.

The War

A message about the reality of the spiritual war that man is entangled in from genesis to revelations, and how neglecting your place in it can cause t...View Details

Wine Cups

A message on the first and last miraculous acts of Jesus's earthly ministry and what it means to those who believe.

A sobering message on the reality of the day of the Lord's return. It will be glorious for some, but terrible for the prideful ones. Make sure that yo...View Details

A reminder of what scripture tells us is our comfort, hope, help, strength, and blessed assurance. Look to the heavens where our help comes from and k...View Details

A message on what the bibles tells us about hasting the day of the Lord's return. We do have a role to play in it. Are you fulfilling your commission?

The King is in the Field

A beautiful reminder of the closeness of our King, the humility and personal responsibility that He takes in each of us, and His intent to see the har...View Details

The Forth Kingdom

A message on the fourth kingdom prophesied to rule the world by Daniel, out of which the Antichrist's kingdom will arise and overrun the world for a s...View Details


A rarely taught message in pulpits today on the final wrath of God upon the earth at the end of this age. When it will happen, why it will happen, wha...View Details

A look at God's perfect example from the Old Testament to better understand what is coming at the end of the New one! God Himself states several times...View Details

Praise Him in the Fires

A message about the response of faith in the face of trial and affliction from Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego to the Day of Judgement. If Jesus is wi...View Details

Rome Revived

Pre-2020-election Prophetic word that was released about the events that are taking place around us as we stand on the brink of the Resurection of the...View Details

Mark of the Beast

Message / Bible Study answering the questions that many had been asking about the Mark of the Beast, what it is, what the Bible says about it, how clo...View Details

False Prophet

A message on the spirit of the one that prepares the way for the antichrist. The architect of the falling away. The great deceiver of men. The false p...View Details

The Elect

A message on what and who the "Elect" of God are and their purpose in the earth.

HOWC Message Archive: June 2015    Powerful Sermon and Prophetic warning to the Church of America by Pastor Daniel  Wright given at The Resting Place ...View Details


HOWC Archive Message from November 2016: A Prophetic warning and Bible Study teaching on how to prepare for what God says is coming upon the world

New Jerusalem

An encoraging message about the dispensation that is coming after the acts of the book of Revelation. The new beginning that all true Christians are l...View Details

The Mark of Commitment

A powerful teaching that unveils an ancient biblical theme that tells us a lot about the coming "Mark of the Beast" 

A message that looks at the words of Jesus concerning the prophecies, placement, purpose of tribulation


A message on the difference between the Antichrist to come and the spirit of antichrist at work now, as well as their purposes and identifying charact...View Details


Years of wisdom is poured out in this powerful teaching by Pastor Glen Mayeux on what the bible says about the rapture of the saints. 

The Three Harvest

A message on the three main harvest in Israel and the prophetic picture they paint for the order of events from the crucifixion of Jesus to the end of...View Details


A message on the historical, prophetic, and symbolic meanings and purposes of Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles/Tents) from Leviticus to the Last Days ...View Details

Rosh Hashana

An in-depth teaching on the symbolism of the Jewish New Year and a releasing of a prophetic word over the coming spiritual season that is now beginnin...View Details

Resurection Power

A profound message about the unfathomable power of our God and the depths of mercy that He will go to in order to prove who He truly is to the pridefu...View Details

Last Days

A perspective shifting message on the Last Days that opens our eyes to the scope of it, our placement and purpose in it, the tactics of the antichrist...View Details

Looking for One

A provoking message by Marandia Wright on the ability of one faithful man or woman of God to be used to inspire a generation to believe God for His mi...View Details

Perilous Times Shall Come

Pastor Glen delivers a warning from scripture and a reminder to the believer that perilous times are coming upon the earth as many fall away and the d...View Details

I‘m Coming

A needed reminder that the Lord is coming back and the power that reminding the church of this foundational biblical truth has to insight an urgency t...View Details

The Cup of Wrath

A powerful message by Marandia Wright on true revival, what biblically brings real outpourings of God's Holy Spirit, and how most miss their chance to...View Details

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